4th. Online International Symposium on Research in Foreign Language Education “Reshaping Teaching Practices in Changing Times”

“Reshaping practice” puts the focus on what we educators do – not only in teaching praxis, but in that of research also. It is changing the habits and practice of education to work within new perspectives. There are many ways educators have reshaped their practices given the dramatic changes education has undergone in recent times. Chief among these are the inclusion of technology and the changes in physical spaces, which have led us to reconsider and often reformulate our principles in teaching and research, and have inspired us to prepare this academic space for you to participate in. 


Universidad del Tolima in partnership with Universidad Surcolombiana invites researchers, lecturers, independent scholars, graduate and undergraduate students to share their insights and discuss issues derived from research regarding language teaching in these changing times. 


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Nombre de la persona encargada:

Comité Curricular Maestría en Didáctica del Inglés

Cargo de la persona encargada:

Directora de la maestría: Sandra Patricia Lastra Ramírez

Docente de planta integrante del Comité Curricular de la maestría:
Milena Castellanos Mendoza
(encargada de la difusión de la información)

Dirección de correo electrónico:

Correo de la maestría: mdi@ut.edu.co




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